What Is A Professional Picture?

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1 year ago

what is a professional picture

Wondering what people really mean when they say “professional picture”? A professional picture is a picture shot by a professional photographer using a professional camera.

In this article, we would be revealing 5 features to look out for in a professional picture.

1. High-resolution

This is the image quality of the picture. A professional picture should be in HD file quality, such that when you zoom in on it, it does not go blurry.

Pictures that are as low as 100kb would definitely get blurry when zoomed in on.

But when submitting professional pictures for a job application, ensure your picture size is from 500kb and above. This enables your image appear sharp and clear when viewed on any type of device. 

2. Good lightning

When professional photographers are taking your pictures, they would always use artificial lightning. They don’t depend on natural light for pictures.

This ensures that the colour of your image is even and balanced without casting shadows on your image. Having a balanced lighting on every part of your body and background makes the image turn as great and professional. 

3. Appropriate postures 

There are appropriate poses to strike when taking professional picture as an event hostess. This includes your facial expression and body language.

It’s important to smile in your pictures – smiling brings a great appeal on images.  Avoid bringing out your tongue, pouting, showing off your breast or your ass. Pose professionally. 

You can also research online to check out poses by models that you can copy and adapt to your own professional photoshoot. 

4. Presentable looks

The clothes, hair and makeup you wear for your photoshoot can either upgrade or downgrade your professional pictures.

It’s important to come off elegant in your professional pictures. Wear heels for the shoot. The best kind of outfits to combine as an event hostess would be a mini well fitted dress and some casual wears like jeans and blouses.

5. Use of appropriate locations

Professional pictures may be taken inside a photo studio or taken outdoors.

If you’re taking professional pictures outdoors, it is important to choose the location wisely, so it is a presentable background without any distracting image.

Pictures taken outdoors would require more editing, the photographer is expected to blur the background to ensure that your image is the most prominent visible element in the picture. 

With these 5 features, you would be sure to know if you have professional pictures, and what it should look like.

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