Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Event Hostess

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11 months ago

There are basic qualities you need to possess as a professional event hostess that makes you professional and stand out in your job from other hostesses.

1. Proactiveness 

Your ability to think ahead and think on your feet. Be a problem solver who doesn’t wait to be told everything. Come up with Solutions on your own.

For example, you are working in the conference room, and while a speaker is talking, you notice that the microphone is having issues, you should be able to get another microphone from the sound engineers quickly, walk up to the speaker and replace his microphone handing him the good one you have. 

If there are insufficient seats in the event hall, you should be able to go to the hall manager or the Event Manager and ask them to bring in extra seats before people start standing.

If you’re at the registration desk and notice that the printed tags are running out, quickly print more tags, or ask the staff in charge to print more before it runs out, so people don’t have to wait in a queue at the registration desk.

Always be proactive to ensure that the event activities are running smoothly. Your agency would notice this, your clients would notice this and they would always want to have you on every job.

2. Friendly Countenance

An important quality that hostesses overlook is smiling. It is so important to have a very friendly and welcoming smile at all times during work. This makes guests at events feel welcomed and be able to easily approach you. Nobody wants to come to an event where everybody is just frowning and looking all serious.

As the first person that guests see immediately they step into the event hall, make sure that the reception you give them is warm and friendly. Immediately they approach the entrance,  smile at them and greet. Welcome them cheerfully and show them the way to the event hall. This does not only speak well of your agency but also portrays you as a professional. 

The good thing about having a professional work attitude is that it brings even more business for your agency. Many times, when an event attendee sees the way you are attending to them at events and your work attitude they would ask what agency you’re from, and then they will hire your agency for their own events too. 

So, imagine being the one that attracts this client to your agency, your agency would definitely have you on that job and any other job that they have because you are bringing more business for them.

3. Avoid Chewing Gum

Maintaining a professional image also entails leaving certain habits behind, such as chewing gum while on duty. If you want to keep your mouth fresh, opt for mints instead. It doesn’t speak well of you as a professional to be chewing gum during work.

4. No Use of Mobile Phones

Do not use your mobile phones during working hours. Once you’re onsite for work, remain focused on your responsibilities and put your phones away in your bags till the end of the event.

When working hours are over, you can go back and check all of your messages that you must have missed. 

5. Avoid Conflict with Guests

Maintaining composure and refraining from arguments or insults with guests at events is crucial. 

It’s possible that at some social events, you may find guests that are annoying and might want to make trouble with you. It’s important to remember that you’re representing an agency at that moment and the way you react is how your agency would be perceived. Whether the guest is wrong or right, everybody at the event would only see an agency with unprofessional hostesses.

So do not show anger, insult or argue with guest at events. Instead go to your coordinator or boss and report the situation and let your them handle it.

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