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Where Premium Event Hostesses are made

Pro Event Hostess is an education platform that provide young women with the professional skills, knowledge, strategies and connections to become high-income event hostesses.

Our program and courses are tailored to meet event hostesses at any level – whether you’re just starting out or already experienced in the job, we help you succeed to the top.

Trained 2000 + hostesses who have been hired for 200+ premium jobs

We launched the Pro Event Hostess program in 2018 and have trained more than 2,000 hostesses from across Africa till date. 

In that time, we’ve closely listened and received feedback on the most pressing needs of event hostesses and used this information to update our educational materials to solve these problems. 

From exclusive tips on how to attract and find high-paying event hostess jobs, to sensitizing aspiring hostesses from continuously falling victims to scam agencies, to connecting them for job opportunities with our verified partners. 

Join 2000+ hostesses who have taken our training to expand their network

Get access to the best curated training by top event staffing experts designed to equip you with updated skills, knowledge, and network that you need to become a top hostess in the event industry.

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