How to Get Event Hostess/Ushering Jobs in Nigeria

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11 months ago

How to Get Event Hostess/Ushering Jobs in Nigeria

In our experience, there are several challenges that hostesses face in getting regular ushering jobs. In this article, we will explore 4 major ways to secure consistent job opportunities. By following these strategies, you can increase your chances of landing ushering jobs and establishing yourself as a professional event hostess.

1. Joining an Ushering or Event Staffing Agency

If you want regular job opportunities, the easiest way to achieve that is by joining an ushering or event staffing agency. Some agencies already have specific guidelines on how to join them, which can be found on their website, Instagram page, or other social media platforms. To apply, you simply need to discover their application process. You can also send them a message asking them how to apply to their agency.

Once you have submitted your application or sent a message, the next step is to follow them online to stay updated with their announcements. Regularly visit their pages so that you can be the first to know about job opportunities or recruitment drives, allowing you to apply promptly.

Joining an agency is a key method to ensure a consistent flow of job opportunities. In our masterclass, we shared contacts of trusted and verified agencies that you can apply to join.

2. Join job broadcast platforms:

Another effective approach is to join job broadcast platforms, which can include Instagram or Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups, Telegram channels, and other similar platforms. Many job opportunities are frequently broadcasted on these platforms, and it is crucial to apply quickly with the correct information.

It is essential that your application is strong. Make sure to include professional pictures and provide accurate measurements of your height, statistics, and dress size. In our Pro Event Hostess Beginner video lessons, we taught how you can check and provide these measurements.

Stay active and alert for posts and updates from these platforms, and be prompt in applying when a job opportunity is announced. By doing so, you increase your chances of securing ushering jobs. In our masterclass, we shared the direct contacts of some trusted job posting platforms that you can follow for updates.

3. Through Referrals

Referrals can also be a valuable source of job opportunities. While working at an event, your fellow hostesses may be associated with different agencies and can easily refer you for jobs. To take advantage of this, it is important to be a team player, establish contacts, and network as much as possible during your work.

Maintaining good relationships with your colleagues can lead to consistent job offers through their connections and referrals.

4. Through Personal Branding

Personal branding is another effective strategy. Position yourself as a professional event hostess by presenting a strong online profile.

Take inspiration from top hostesses on Instagram who clearly state in their bio that they are event hostesses or models. When you browse through their pictures, you will see a collection of professional photos along with images from events they have worked at, proudly showcasing their role as professional hostesses and inviting viewers to contact them for future events.

Organize your online profiles, whether on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, in a way that appeals to ushering agencies, presenting yourself as a professional event hostess available for work. Many agencies actively search online for hostesses, and they may audition or screen you based on the quality of your profile.

Here’s what often happens: When job posting platforms announce job opportunities, they may simply ask you to comment if you are interested (assuming they do not specify a specific application method). By commenting that you are interested, the agency responsible for hiring will visit your profile to screen you. If your profile is professionally set up with good pictures, you may be contacted directly via direct message (DM) for the job.

This approach allows you to secure jobs without undergoing a series of auditions. Setting up your online profile properly is an excellent way to attract job offers, even when you are not actively applying. In our Pro Event Hostess Masterclass, we provided more detailed instructions on how to make your Instagram page look professional.

Want to get deeper insights on how to work as a professional event hostess and maximize the job opportunities in the events industry? Sign up for our Pro Event Hostess Beginners for free today, and get access to our video training and community of professional hostesses like you!

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