How To Become The Top Event Hostess In Any Ushering Agency 

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1 year ago

So you’ve just joined a hostess agency or you’ve been with them for a while, and you want to become the top hostess that they always call for all their jobs?

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how to achieve that in 3 ways:

1. Always be ready and prepared for jobs

This entails your availability and punctuality whenever you are called for jobs. Become that hostess that your agency can always rely on as someone that never disappoints them when they need reliable staff.  

How available are you when they call for jobs? Even when you’re given a short notice that is as short as less than 24 hours, would you be able to show up for work? 

So, when you become that hostess that always shows up, your agency would begin to notice you and see you as a hostess they can rely on.

Another important factor is being punctual. When you’re told to resume for an event by 7a.m, don’t show up by 7:15 am.  It doesn’t speak well of the agency to have event staff who resume late to events. 

Punctuality is a key quality to win the heart of any agency you work with. When you show up late more than twice to work, your agency would likely not call you again for any other job.

It’s better to show up earlier than being a few minutes late. This also gives you enough time to dress up, touch up your makeup and relax before work resumption. 

A helpful tip to ensure you come early to work is to know exactly how to get to the venues of your events before the event day.  As an event hostess, you should get yourself familiar with major event venues addresses, so you can locate them easily when you have jobs there.

If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, you should know event centers like Eko Hotel and Suites, Landmark Event Centre, Lagos Oriental Hotel, and various popular event centers that are often used for premium events.

So when you know how to locate the venues, and leave your house early enough, you are able to arrive early. 

2. Show up to work looking good   

When you are called for jobs, show up in your best looks. Make sure that your hair is neatly and nicely done, your makeup is professionally done, and your nails are done.

If you don’t know how to do your makeup, there are tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and learn how to do flawless makeup as an added skill for your job. 

Agencies like it when you show up looking attractive and sophisticated to work, because you’re representing their brand. When the clients see your looks and commend the agency, it’s a win win for everyone. 

If you can’t have your hair done all the time, get a wig and wear the wigs for work. The generally acceptable hairstyle for hostesses is centre-parting long straight hair, so you can buy a wig styled like that as your work kit. So even when called on short notice, you are ready to go. 

Also wear good underwear. Sometimes your uniforms may be see-through dresses, so you want to wear underwear that would fit into any kind of outfit. You also need to have strapless bras because most times your dresses may not have sleeves. So get underwear that are invisible and won’t be revealing if you’re wearing a see-through dress and keep them specially for just work.  

3. You have to be very good at your job

Event hostessing and ushering jobs are no longer just shows and parties, it has become a very professional job. If you’re working with premium event staffing and hostess agencies, they often work with corporate businesses and premium brands, so it’s important that when you’re working at such an event, you are able to blend into their work culture as if you’re a staff of that company.

The event attendants don’t need to know that you are hired hostess if you do your job well, you will look like you are a part of the staff of that company and that is the goal of the client.

If your agency’s clients constantly give good feedback about your services at all events you work at, you’re always going to be the first hostess your agency calls up for any job. 

There are various professional roles in event staffing that we taught in the Pro Event Masterclass, so you know exactly what to do at every event and be very good at the job. 

Enroll into our Masterclass to learn how to do your job well.

If you have these 3 work ethics put in place, then you’re on your way to becoming the top hostess in your agency.


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